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Will Wahby Chosen for Intel Foundation/SRCEA Fellowship

Will Wahby has received the esteemed Intel Foundation/SRC Education Alliance Graduate Fellowship. Wahby is a Ph.D. student in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), where he works in the Integrated 3D Systems Research Group and is advised by ECE Associate Professor Muhannad Bakir.

Wahby’s research focuses on the optimal design of 3D integrated circuits (3DICs), which are attractive due to their potential to reduce energy and improve performance of silicon nanoelectronic computing systems. To address this need, he is developing an integrated virtual design platform to explore the optimal design of 3D systems. The design platform simultaneously simulates the electrical performance, power consumption, and thermal profile of a 3DIC. This platform will enable designers to quickly compare the impact of emerging transistor technologies, wiring materials, and integration/packaging technologies on the power and performance of the next generation of nanoelectronic computing systems.